One store,
global reach, virtually-enabled

Virtual showrooms help brands house their entire portfolio of products under one digital platform and are accessible anytime/anywhere.

Shoppers get life-like realism of physical stores or concept homes. Let the shoppers navigate between different zones and levels for different product categories to explore key offerings & products.

Story tell your products with
tailor made experiences

Educate and engage consumers about product features through immersive 3D product walkthroughs in 360 degree aspirational backgrounds.

Boost buyer’s confidence and conversion rates by 3.5x or more.

Upgrade the shopping experience with
immersive 3D and AR

Boost product sales by replacing 2D static images with life-sized 3D models and augmented reality.

Empower consumers to delve into color options, complemented by rich animations and informative text callouts, for a comprehensive product understanding.

Boost your sales with stunning lifestyle images at a fraction of the cost

Inspire customers with dynamic lifestyle images, showcasing products in beautifully designed spaces.

Cut down on product photography costs and enhance your product description page with 3D rendered lifestyle images. Select from a vast image library or obtain a customized one exclusively for your products.

Increase Sales and Product to Cart Visits

80% of brands who use AR state that it helps to drive sales, acquire new customers, and drive performance metrics.

Stay ahead of the competition with Avataar’s AI led 3D and AR solution


3D assets created

Plug & Play

solution for all businesses


Works across platforms and OEMS

3D adds

Swirl ads and Spark filters


Uniform experience across all devices

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using 3D/AR in the consumer durables & electronics industry?

3D/AR can provide a number of benefits for the consumer durables & electronics industry, including increased customer engagement, improved product selection, reduced returns, higher sales conversions and increased brand awareness.

How 3D Models are helping in transforming the consumer durables & electronics industry?

The utilization of 3D and AR has the potential to revolutionize the purchasing experience for customers. With 3D technology, shoppers can gain a precise depiction of a product, enabling them to explore it from all angles with 360-degree views. Additionally, features such as zooming in, changing colors, and adjusting dimensions empower shoppers to make well-informed decisions when making a purchase.

How does 3D/AR technology benefit consumer durables & electronics e-commerce businesses?

E-commerce businesses can reap numerous advantages from the implementation of 3D/AR technology. This technology has the potential to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction significantly through a more lifelike and interactive shopping experience. By immersing consumers in a captivating brand narrative, these experiences empower them to make informed purchase decisions. They become active participants in the journey, gaining a deeper understanding of the product and its value, ultimately leading to a more confident and satisfying buying experience.

What are the benefits of using Avataar's 3D/AR technology for retailers?

Avataar's 3D/AR technology offers numerous advantages for consumer durables and electronics retailers. By providing enhanced product visualization, it enables customers to interact with virtual representations of products, leading to more informed purchase decisions. The ability to virtually try out products in their own space reduces returns and boosts customer satisfaction. Additionally, integrating this technology helps retailers differentiate themselves from competitors, creating a unique and memorable shopping experience. The immersive nature of 3D/AR technology also drives higher conversion rates and average order values by captivating customers and fostering brand loyalty.

How can retailers benefit through virtual rooms experiences?

The virtual room experience enables retailers to effectively showcase their products to a global audience in a captivating and impactful way. Virtual rooms provide shoppers with a highly realistic experience reminiscent of physical stores, allowing them to navigate through various zones and explore products across different categories, all from the convenience of their device. This immersive and interactive experience enhances customer engagement and facilitates a seamless shopping journey.

What is the future of 3D animation and Augmented Reality?

84% of consumers want to use augmented reality to interact with a product before purchasing it. By allowing customers to view products in their own environment, 3D and AR remove the guesswork from shopping. 3D and augmented reality also improve the value proposition for retailers of all sizes and industries, allowing retailers to differentiate their offering and thus sell more.