Wide Offering of AR/VR Visualizations to Power Rich Consumer Journeys

Seamless transformation of your customers’ visual discovery experience across platforms, with photorealistic life-size product evaluation

2D to 3D Catalogue Transformation at Scale and Speed

Accelerate your 3D catalogue transformation through our AI driven platform, while retaining granular control over your conversion pipeline. Avataar supports large catalogue upgrades across multiple product categories

3D models for your entire catalogue in a jiffy from existing images

Across product categories, shapes and surfaces

Plug & play usability across
the funnel and digital properties

Augmented Reality Solutions

60% of human perception is visual and tangible visualization
with spatial depth improves sales conversions

PDP Visualization with Interactive AR

Make your product detail page interactive with Avataar’s XR + AR visualization, feature discovery and configurator capabilities.

View and interact with 3D models in place of 2D images within the carousel
Launch an in-frame AR experience with one click
Highlight your product’s features in 3D
Enable product customization in AR
Boost buyer’s confidence and conversion rates by 3.5x or more

AR Product Mix n' Match

Help your customers reimagine their living environment with mixing and matching multiple products, thereby increasing AOV and cart size. Avataar’s multi-product AR enables customers to:

Place multiple products around their home within one camera AR session
Compare and contrast different options for different categories to arrive at the right look for their homes
Choose the best look or save the session to return later

In Store Visualization

Engage with your in store customers allowing them to choose the best products for their homes through augmented reality visualizations

Create experience zones for users to place their selection and view their new home
QR code enabled scanner for users to view all SKUs and variants of the product with ease
Scan products to find and compare similar products in an Infinite AR aisle

Product Launches on advertising platforms with rich feature discovery

Drive feature discovery and user engagement through interactive product launches in user’s homes

Launch your products with two way interactive communication between your users and your brand
Allow your users to discover your product’s features down to the last detail
Enable launches from FB, IG, Snap, DV360, GDN, or Amazon brand stores
Enable multi product feature comparisons

Virtual Room Solutions

Carry your brand identity and store designs seamlessly from offline to online

Virtual Store with Interactive AR

Bridge the online-offline gap to give your customers the fully immersive experience of your physical store or concept home. Recreate your flagship store’s look, layout and product display.

Life-like realism of physical stores or concept homes
Navigate between different zones and levels for different product categories
Integrate interactive product experiences
Enable users to experience products in AR

Assisted Buying with Interactive AR

Avataar’s two-way video calling within Virtual Stores lets your salespeople guide your customers in the purchase process.

Guided tours and demos by brand representatives
Replicate an interactive in-store sales demo with AR as added experience
Participate via any web browser - no app download needed
Private 1:1 or multi user sessions

Virtual Room with Guided Tours

Your salespeople are your superheroes and ambassadors. But while your team can’t operate 24x7x365, digital humans can! Avataar’s lifelike humanoid holograms help with product discovery and consumer education

Deploy in virtual showrooms (and in AR) for guided tours or product demos
Bring your brand ambassadors to life to delight your customers
Converse naturally - dynamic voice chat interactivity coming soon!

Post-purchase AR Solutions

Personalized post purchase AR experiences make your funnel become an hourglass by helping customers continue contextual discovery

Complementary product recommendations and AR powered manuals for post-purchase contextual journeys

Allow customers to find the right product information and similar/ complementary product recommendations based on their existing purchases

Scan physical products to view complementary products in AR and mix and match as needed
Turn your funnel into an hourglass with similar/complementary product recommendations post-purchase
AR troubleshooting manuals allow intuitive information visualization - do away with physical manuals!

DIY AR Guide

Assembly instructions have never been easier to follow with Avataar’s Augmented Reality DIY instructions

Lay out Individual product components and tools in your customer’s environment
Serve interactive step by step instructions in AR
Visualize the digital product at each step next to the physical build
Object placement supported on floors, ceilings and walls

Commercial Model

All inclusive annual platform subscription (with variable inputs from scale of catalogue, user impressions and interactivity requirements)
billed every month post platform go-live

3D models of any # of SKUs
Avataar's suite of AR/VR visualizations on native platform
Unlimited user impressions in all-inclusive model
Server hosting costs for all experiences
Platform & UI/UX development for all future innovations
Analytics suite & dedicated 24x7 support for experience related bugs and enhancements
Physical store integration for omni-channel AR journeys
CMS panel for merchandising team
3P Platform integrations as needed

How Does Avataar Work?

Seamlessly convert existing images and information into 3D experiences

Our automated platform uses 2D images as input to create life-like 3D models of your products with no effort!

Craft consumer journey in 3D and AR for your use case

We understand your brand objectives craft RoI driven customized journey to give your customers frictionless world class experience.

Integrate within your digital properties and go live!

Seamlessly embed the web links in your website, app and third party digital properties to go live within your commerce funnel.

Receive in depth analytics

Get rich RoI data, understand your customers better - know their preferences, psychology and actions allowing you to retarget your customers back in the funnel