Uplift Sales with Contextual Reality

Reimagine visual experiences with immersive 3D and interactive augmented reality

Contextual Reality
Increases Buyer's Confidence

Rich Interactivity

Out-of-the-box solution for single click integration and go-live

Augmented Reality

Reimagine camera as the new homepage with an infinite product aisle

Responsive by Design

Interactive AR solutions with automated 3D content creation


Patented tech for best-in-class compression and lifelike rendition

Phygital Coverage to Augment the Buying Journey

Create dynamic shopping experience for every consumer

3D and AR ads for better product discovery
Interactive AR on website to showcase features and increase sales
Bring the consumer's home to your store and increase cart value
Give the ability to share curated experiences and make purchase decision easy

Democratized 3D for Powerful Experiences

Save costs while upgrading shopping experience without any limitations

Turn existing product images into 3D models. No extra photoshoots!
Get 3D models in minutes, not weeks
Quickly scale up product catalogues, large or small, across categories
Globally the most exhaustive list of surfaces and textures supported

Built to Impress
your Consumers

Patented technology for best-in-class compression and life-like realistic rendition

Avataar’s experiences seamlessly weave into your brand's digital footprint giving your customers a friction-less and intuitive experience

Platform agnostic technology
Uniform experience tested in +3.5 billion devices globally
Industry leading photorealism
Granular detailing with life-like realism customized to the user's environment
Fast loading time across networks Proprietary compression algorithm  for seamless product discovery

Increase Your Revenue, Cart Size and Engagement

Avataar global interactive 3D and augmented reality format helps in achieving 3.5X increase in digitally influenced sales conversions.
>3x Increase

in Sales Conversions

Avataar global interactive 3D and augmented reality format helps in achieving 4 minutes of average engagement time on e-commerce or other digital platforms.

Average Engagement Time

60% Increase

in Product to Cart Visits

Trusted By

Trusted by
No. 1 global e-commerce company uses Avataar 3D models in product description page (PDP) to increase their digital commerce conversions.
Global e-commerce
No. 1 US electronics retailer uses Avataar AR and 3D platform for their virtual showrooms.
US electronics
No. 1 Indian furniture marketplace uses augmented reality solutions to improve cart conversion on their ecommerce platform.
Indian furniture
No. 2 global consumer electronics ecommerce uses 3D rendering and 3D product visualization for their digital commerce.
Global consumer
electronics company
No. 2 US home improvement company uses augmented reality solutions for 3D visualization of their products.
US home improvement

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