Supercharge your product catalog across global marketplaces with 3D & AR

Revolutionizing the global e-commerce market by fueling millions of immersive experiences. Delivering an impressive volume of 2000+ models per month, empowering businesses with dynamic 3D content creation.
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Accelerating photorealistic 3D model
creation with Generative AI

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Turn existing product images into 3D models. No extra photoshoots!
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Reduce time to market with AI + Human led efficiencies
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Making 3D scalable, accessible and economical across platforms
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Lifetime ownership of your 3D models
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Content Management System for effortless tracking
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Give the ability to share curated experiences and make purchase decision easy

Customer Story

Avataar powers millions of consumer experiences  globally through its generative AI led 3D Asset creation.

With over 300 million active customer accounts*, the demand for 3D visualization on Amazon online shopping increased since Covid as customers seek enhanced visualization options to explore and evaluate products before making a purchase. This is corroborated by the fact that Amazon witnessed an increase in conversions by2-3x from their 3D catalog vis-a-vis 2D.

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‍Differentiate your brand with
photorealistic 3D models


Frequently asked questions

What is the benefit of integrating 3D/AR technology into marketplaces?

3D/AR technology is a revolutionary way to enhance the online shopping experience. It allows customers to view products from different angles, assess fit and style, and make more informed purchase decisions without having to physically try them on. This technology is accessible on websites, android, or iOS, and can provide a more immersive and interactive shopping experience.

How does 3D and AR improve product visualization for marketplace shoppers?

3D and AR technology enhances product visualization by allowing shoppers to see and interact with virtual 3D models of products. This provides a more realistic and detailed view, helping customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Can I virtually place items from the marketplace into my own surroundings using AR?

Yes, using AR, you can place virtual marketplace items into your real-world environment through your smartphone or AR-enabled device. This feature offers a unique and immersive shopping experience.

How do I use 3D and AR features when browsing products in the marketplace?

To use 3D and AR features, look for products marked with AR or 3D icons. Click or tap on these items to access the augmented reality view, allowing you to interact with the product virtually.

How does 3D and AR technology impact customer engagement and satisfaction in marketplaces?

3D and AR technology significantly enhances customer engagement and satisfaction by providing a more engaging and informative shopping experience. It reduces uncertainty, increases confidence in product choices, and reduces the likelihood of returns.

Is it possible to view multiple products in AR simultaneously within the marketplace?

Some AR-enabled marketplaces like Amazon offer the capability to view multiple products in augmented reality simultaneously, depending on the specific platform and its features. Look for the multi-product AR option when available.

How many retailers are using augmented reality?

According to recent industry reports, over 60% of retailers have already adopted or plan to adopt augmented reality technology to enhance their online shopping experiences. This statistic highlights the growing trend of AR adoption in the retail sector.