Elevate your shopping experience with immersive 3D and AR

Maximize sales potential by upgrading from 2D images to dynamic 3D models and captivating AR visualizations.

Stay ahead, revolutionize operations, and elevate your bags and luggage business to unparalleled success.

Empower your customers to personalize their bags & luggage with 3D and AR-enabled configurators

Empower shoppers with creative control as they design and customize their perfect bags to enhance engagement and boosts conversions.

Studies reveal a 40% rise in cart conversion rate and a 30% increase in average order value with 3D visual configuration.

Boost your sales with stunning lifestyle images at a fraction of the cost

Our dynamic lifestyle images present products in meticulously crafted settings, enabling customers to envision their ideal collection.

Bid farewell to costly product photography expenses. Explore our image library or request custom visuals tailored to your bags and luggage line.

Transform the shopping experience: Embrace the future of 3D virtual showrooms

Step into the future with 3D virtual showrooms for your entire catalog.

Provide realistic visualization, personalized virtual try-on, and increased engagement while reducing costs and expanding global reach.

Increase sales and product to cart ratio

80% of brands who use AR state that it helps to drive sales, acquire new customers, and drive performance metrics.

3D and AR products have a 94% higher conversion and 40% lower returns.


Stay ahead of the competition with Avataar’s AI led 3D and AR solution

Plug & Play

for businesses of all sizes


across business platforms


uniform experience across devices

Lifelike & Life-size

highly photorealistic 3D models

360 degree activations

product discovery via spark, swirl & more

Lifelike & Life-size

highly photorealistic 3D models

360 degree activations

product discovery via spark, swirl & more

Frequently asked questions

What is 3D/AR technology in bags & luggage ecommerce?

3D/AR technology in bags &luggage ecommerce is an innovative solution that enhances the online shopping experience for customers. It enables them to visualize bags and luggage items from various angles, evaluate their size, design, and functionality, and make more informed purchase decisions without physically interacting with the products. This technology is accessible on websites, android, or iOS platforms and offers a more immersive and interactive shopping experience.

How does 3D/AR technology benefit bags & luggage ecommerce businesses?

3D/AR technology offers several advantages to bags & luggage ecommerce businesses. It enhances customer engagement and satisfaction by providing a more lifelike and interactive shopping experience. Customers can visualize how bags and luggage will look in their own environment, improving their confidence in purchase decisions. Additionally, this technology helps businesses differentiate themselves from competitors, build brand loyalty, and ultimately increase conversion rates and average order value.

What devices are compatible with Avataar's 3D AR platform for bags & luggage?

Avataar's 3D AR platform for bags & luggage is compatible with a wide range of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices (both Android and iOS), and smart display devices. This compatibility ensures seamless integration and accessibility across different platforms, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of Avataar's technology on their preferred devices.

Is there a limit to the number of products that can be showcased using Avataar's 3D AR platform for bags & luggage?

Avataar's 3D AR platform does not impose a specific limit on the number of products that can be showcased. It is designed to accommodate diverse product catalogs, enabling the showcasing of numerous bags and luggage items. The platform's scalability ensures seamless integration even with large inventories, allowing businesses to effectively present and visualize their entire range of bags and luggage products, regardless of the size of their collection.

How does Avataar's 3D/AR technology improve the customer experience for bags & luggage shoppers?

Avataar's 3D/AR technology enhances the customer experience for bags & luggage shoppers by providing amore engaging and personalized shopping journey. Customers can visualize bags and luggage items in 3D or AR, allowing them to assess size, design, and how the products fit into their own environment. This level of immersion and realism increases customer confidence in their purchase decisions and reduces the likelihood of returns. Moreover, Avataar's technology is accessible on various devices and platforms, making it user-friendly and convenient for shoppers to utilize. With Avataar's technology, bags & luggage shoppers can enjoy a more immersive and satisfying shopping experience.

What is the future of 3D animation and Augmented Reality in bags & luggage ecommerce?

The future of 3D animation and Augmented Reality in bags & luggage ecommerce is promising. Consumers are increasingly seeking interactive and immersive experiences before making a purchase, and 3D/AR technology fulfills this demand. By allowing customers to virtually try out bags and luggage items in their own environment, this technology reduces uncertainties and improves the value proposition for retailers. It enables bags & luggage businesses of all sizes to differentiate their offerings, engage customers more effectively, and ultimately drive higher sales.

Are the colors and textures accurate in 3D and AR representations of bags?

Certainly, our meticulous approach to 3D and AR representations ensures a high degree of accuracy in depicting the intricate colors and textures of bags and luggage. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees a truly immersive and lifelike visual experience, enabling customers to make informed and confident purchasing decisions.

Is the 3D and AR experience available on all devices?

Our 3D experience is compatible with all devices and web browsers. Our AR technology utilizes the back camera of your mobile device, allowing you to explore products within your home environment for visual assessment of their appearance and fit.