3D & AR for your BigCommerce store

Avataar makes it easy for BigCommerce retailers to generate more sales with a life-size 3D product catalog and interactive augmented reality.

Why add 3D & AR to your store?

81% of shoppers feel more confident in their purchase as a result of using AR.

Provide customers with a sense of how products would look and fit in their environment.

Increase shopper confidence, order volume, and sales.

Why choose Avataar for BigCommerce?

Scalable, secure and proven to deliver on ROI

Single Click Integration

Single click integration

Out of the box solution for your store template and theme

Video to 3D model

Video to 3D model

Get 3D models in less than 30 minutes using your phone camera

Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Shoppers can add and compare multiple products in real time using their phone camera

Lifelike and life-size

Lifelike and Life-size

Deliver an AR experience with granular detailing for lifelike realism

Digital 3D ads

Digital 3D ads

Integration with Meta and Google for cross-platform 3D product discovery

Uniform experience

Uniform experience

Works across all devices and bandwidths. No impact on website performance

Create engaging shopping experience in 3 easy steps

Install Avataar's APP

Install Avataar’s app

Install the Avataar app on your BigCommerce store to enable AR and create engaging experiences.
Add 3D models

Add 3D models

Ultilize existing 3D models or our AI to generate world-class 3D models and add interactivity.
Publish 3D on page

Publish 3D on page

The 3D/AR model is integrated into the store’s product page, resulting in a more seamless experience.

Increase Sales and Reduce Returns

80% of brands who use AR state that it helps to drive sales, acquire new customers, and drive performance metrics.

3D and AR products have a 94% higher conversion and 40% lower returns.

Add Avataar to your BigCommerce store today


Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of 3D Augmented Reality for ecommerce businesses on BigCommerce?

AR can remove the guesswork from shopping by allowing customers to view life-size products in their own environment. According to research, 81% of shoppers feel more confident in their purchase after using augmented reality. Augmented reality has been shown to increase sales conversion by 94% while decreasing returns by 40%.

How do I add 3D models to my BigCommerce Store?

Avataar has an out of the box 3D and AR solution for BigCommerce stores. Install the app using the Avataar for BigCommerce link and follow the steps or Schedule a demo to speak to us.

How is Augmented Reality (AR) used in ecommerce?

AR enables customers to view products in their own environment, even before making a purchase. The ability to see life-size products, change colors, and check dimensions in real time increases buying confidence and boosts store sales.