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Augmented Reality

Avataar's 3D and interactive Augmented Reality (AR) solution is now live!

Team Avataar
November 22, 2022
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With more and more independent merchants joining platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, the need for unique store features is rising. The problem is, most of these smaller brands don’t have the resources or finances to create augmented reality integrations on their own.

That’s where Avataar comes in. Our out-of-the-box solution was recently launched on both Shopify and BigCommerce and offers retailers a one-click AR option for e-commerce that can reduce purchase hesitation, improve conversion rates, and increase customer lifetime value.

Why use augmented reality (AR)?

Augmented reality is the perfect tool for e-commerce brands looking to give their customers a more immersive experience. By overlaying digital products onto the real world, shoppers can get a better sense of how an item will look and feel in person before making a purchase. 

This is especially beneficial for items that are difficult to visualise, like furniture or electronics. With AR, shoppers can see how that new sofa would look in their living room or if that TV fits the space without ever having to leave their home.

Not only does this improve the customer experience, but it can also lead to higher conversion rates and increased order value.

Increased confidence

With AR, potential customers can view a life-size three-dimensional product in their own space to see how it would look before making a purchase. 

Research has shown that more than 60% of shoppers prefer retailers who provide AR in their stores. That's because AR provides a level of confidence that leads to fewer returns and increases the likelihood of customers becoming repeat purchasers.

Improved conversion

With AR experiences, shoppers can see how a product looks in their homes before they decide to buy it. 

In turn, this leads to improved conversion rates and higher order values. Retailers who use AR in their stores report a 94% increase in sales conversions.

Higher engagement

Allow customers to interact with and explore different product colours, finishes, and textures in augmented reality to find the one that best matches their decor or style. In addition, recommend complementary items in AR based on products that go well with selected items. Our customers have seen more than 4 minutes of engagement after enabling AR.

With so much choice on the market, getting people to your store is one thing - keeping them there is something entirely different.

Reduced return rate

By allowing shoppers to see products in their home before buying, AR has been shown to lower the return rate for products. This is music to the ears of ecommerce merchants, who often have to deal with costly returns. 

What's more, a lower return rate also helps with the overall sustainability of the market by cutting out additional transportation and shipping material. 

Decluttered store

In the physical world, stores have to deal with the challenge of displaying their products in a way that doesn't overwhelm shoppers. This is often done by carefully considering store layout, product placement, and signage.

AR can help ecommerce stores achieve the same goal by allowing shoppers to view products in a virtual space before making a purchase. This not only declutters your store but also provides a more immersive shopping experience for customers. 

Why choose Avataar?

With Avataar’s out-of-the-box app on Shopify and BigCommerce, your store can enjoy these benefits without any setup or maintenance. The solution takes care of everything for you, from 3D modelling to hosting AR experiences. 

What's more, our app is constantly evolving to provide new features and integrations that can help your business grow. So if you're looking for an AR solution for your eCommerce store, look no further than Avataar.

Digitise your world

With augmented reality, you can almost instantly improve the shopper experience and give your store a competitive advantage. Customers can view, place, and move products in their own homes.

Scaled 3D content creation from 2D

There are two options to get 3D models: the first method is using your store’s 2D product images and upscale them into 3D models, giving you an entire solution with no upfront time investment. Bring those flat, boring pictures to life and allow your customers to quickly see them from all angles. 

The second method includes generating  high-resolution 3D models by simply walking around your physical products with your phone camera. The recorded video is used to create 3D models and the conversion process takes under 30 minutes. You’ll almost instantly create a lifelike representation that can be published to your product page.

Interactive Augmented reality

The 3D models are seamlessly integrated into your PDP. The Avataar app handles everything, from creating 3D models to publishing them to your PDP and enabling quality AR experiences for your customers.

Interactive options

Not only that, you can also create interactive experiences for your customers that allow them to do things like open cabinet doors or view different color options and material color while viewing the product in their space. 

Avataar is the only company in the world that provides this kind of interactivity in AR, so you won’t want to miss out on this class-leading feature.

Get augmented reality in your store today to transform your customers' shopping experience. Download the Avataar app for Shopify and BigCommerce now.

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