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Showcase your creative vision with Avataar’s Creator

Team Avataar
Team Avataar
October 3, 2023
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When we ambitiously set out with the vision of reimagining visual discovery many years ago, we quickly realized that spatial depth through 3-dimensional rendering can reimagine visual discovery in ways 2-dimensional media simply cannot. As we immersed ourselves in the intricacies of creating and spreading 3D media, we realized that the key to making 3D truly universal was to make it truly easy for anyone to express in 3D! Today, in that pursuit, we’re releasing the Creator and empowering you all to shape your dreams into reality, now in mesmerizing 3D.

Advantages of 3D Visualization with 3D Rendering Programs

In today's digital landscape, 3D visualization, powered by advanced 3D rendering programs, offers a powerful tool for enhancing user engagement and understanding. 3D visuals created through these programs create immersive experiences, transporting users to virtual environments and allowing for interactive exploration. This depth and realism are unmatched by 2D media, making it ideal for showcasing products, architectural designs, or artistic concepts.

Moreover, 3D visualization simplifies complex ideas, breaking them down into digestible, visual representations. It's a game-changer for industries like e-commerce, real estate, and education, where 3D rendering programs play a pivotal role. Users can interact with content, gain a deeper understanding, and connect with products or concepts on a more personal level, thanks to the authenticity and relatability offered by these programs.

Versatility is another key advantage; 3D visualization, aided by 3D rendering programs, finds applications across marketing, education, entertainment, and more. Whether you're marketing a product, creating a video game, or developing an educational app, the use of 3D rendering programs can attract and retain users, setting your projects apart in the digital landscape.

Immersive 3D Storytelling with Avataar's Creator

3D media helps us tell better stories, and with the Creator, we have especially doubled down on making it uncomplicated to creating truly immersive 3D web stories. The Creator enables you to create interactive three-dimensional visuals that seamlessly transition between products and features. You can build custom functionalities that come to life as you scroll down, triggering stunning explosions on the screen as you hang around the product. From a product design and a utilitarian showcase lens, this allows exploration of micro-interactions enabling you to watch as your creations fold open and closed, offering the viewer a crystal-clear understanding of how it all works.

Seamless Fusion with Incarnate's 3D Scans

You can also incorporate the mesh outputs of our iOS incarnate app into the scene you create using Creator, enabling you to breathe new life into real-world objects within your creations, blurring the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds. With a quick scan of anything around you, Incarnate harnesses the power of deep generative models and reconstructs the dense 3D surfaces with neural surface rendering techniques,  giving us the asset in the 3D form we’re all the most familiar with- the mesh. Our reconstructed meshes preserve dense high-frequency surface details at the level of wrinkles and foliage, with accurate colors, textures and tones, enabling creations to be both photorealistic and aesthetic. In case you haven't already, you can download and use Incarnate here.

Transcending 2D: Pioneering Single Image to 3D

As a supercharger into our Creator, we are now releasing our single image to 3D mesh model capability allowing users to use this mesh as a primary object and build mesmeric experiences around it. This has been a particularly hard problem to solve, but a necessary one in the pursuit of solving for 3D representations from a truly fundamental representational unit. During the process of capturing an image, information about the third dimension (depth) is lost, as the image is essentially a projection onto a 2D plane, and hence provides only limited information of the object captured. As a result, there could be multiple possible interpretations that can correspond to the image leading to inaccurately hallucinate object features. To circumvent this we have harnessed the power of elemental diffusion-based generative models to accurately predict the 3D geometry of the object. The focus of our single image to 3D model is the preservation of intricate and accurate object details while minimizing any information loss, and to the best of our knowledge is currently state of the art in this endeavor.

Harnessing AI for Seamless Image to 3D Model Conversion

Converting a 2D image into a detailed 3D model has long been a challenging endeavor, requiring intricate manual work and expertise. However, thanks to the generative AI revolution, there's a groundbreaking solution that's changing the game. Enter Avataar's cutting-edge AI-powered tool for image to 3D model conversion. This innovative technology harnesses the power of generative AI, employing techniques such as neural 3D mesh rendering and advanced surface rendering methods to provide highly accurate 3D representations. Avataar's solution not only simplifies the process but also offers a level of detail and realism previously considered unattainable. With generative AI at the helm, the transformation from static 2D images to dynamic 3D models is not just feasible but remarkably precise, revolutionizing the way we approach visual content creation.

Diverse Applications of Avataar's Creator

Avataar's Creator has made a remarkable impact across various industries, empowering businesses and individuals to realize their creative visions. In e-commerce, for instance, it has transformed product listings by rendering photorealistic 3D models, allowing customers to explore items from all angles, leading to increased conversions and reduced returns. In L&D, complex concepts come to life as 3D visualizations enhance understanding, improving the learning experience. Moreover, in the marketing realm, Avataar's Creator has been instrumental in crafting immersive ad campaigns, captivating audiences and boosting engagement. Avataar's Creator bridges the gap between imagination and reality, propelling innovation across diverse sectors.

The Creator experience ultimately is to allow you to create the experience that you want.

We now invite you to create with our Creator here.

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